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PettingPet Difference

Click each for our PettingPet Difference.


Each new customer has benefit through purchase

I. Method to upgrade to Pettingpet Membership:

Purchasing pets from Pettingpet online shopping mall will automatically upgrade you to PettingPet Membership


II. PettingPet membership benefits :

a. For customers in all regions of the United States, we are responsible to transport your purchased pet to your nearest airport or directly to your home based on requirement, transporting purchased puppy or kitten with extra low shipping fees.

b. Provide a super-valuable gift package along with your order of purchased pet.

c. Pet Lifelong free medical & training consultation service provided.

d. Have the in-store points accumulation benefit when purchasing pet products in Pettingpet pet products online shopping mall (which will be published soon).

"We are more than just a business,
but we regards pets and customers as our family."