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PettingPet’s honored collaborated partners includes AKC (American Kennel Club), KKC(Korean Kennel Club), CKC(Chinese Kennel Club), TICA(The International Cat Association), CFA(The Cat Fanciers’ Association) . These are the largest purebred dog/cat registry in the world and the most widely recognized and respected in the US, Korea, and China. Through its programs, events, and services they support and enrich the lives of all dogs and cats and their families. PettingPet also provides continuing free consultation service regarding pets’ health and training, etc. for both breeders and new puppy/kitten owners, ensuring that all of the dogs and cats we place are happy and healthy throughout their lives. We even offer a health guarantee for every puppy and kitten on the site.

"We are more than just a business,
but we regards pets and customers as our family."